The Octopus Protocol is a DeFi protocol built on the Binance Smart Chain. And also, The Octopus Protocol is known to allow Issuance and management of Decentralised Derivative Assets as well as trading.

In addition, The Octopus Protocol provides access to real-world assets by enabling a platform to create, exchange, settle, and manage synthetic assets. It allows user to create synthetic asset that that impart exposure to any real-world asset such as commodities, stocks, bonds, gold, and even cryptocurrencies.

Moreover, Octopus Protocol combines a multitude of products under its ecosystem to facilitate complete engagement with synthetic assets under one platform. Its broader ecosystem allows users to capture the wider value from the creation of synthetic assets, exchanging decentralized derivatives to the management of a trader’s portfolio under one network.

Octopus Protocol Products

The Octopus Protocol combines several products in all. Making the user interface favourable to users and also satisfying several uses. The Octopus Protocol Products are;

• Decentralized Derivative Exchanges

The protocol provides a secure and transparent automated Exchanges for Decentralized Derivatives. The Octopus Protocol provides this trusted and automated exchange with any governing party. In addition Octopus Protocol enables a decentralized and open infrastructure for minting and settling financial derivatives without relying on third-party intermediaries. Other benefits are;

- Non-custodial Wallet; While using the Octopus wallet, users can track their portfolio and trading history. And at the same time, have full control of assets in their wallet.

- Staking; You can stake OPS tokens and earn up to 220% APY.

- Trading Fees; users have access to low trading fees.

• Options Trading

Octopus Protocol provides low- cost solutions for trading any assets. Including

- Competitive market fees

- Permissionless DEX platform

- Hedging

•Decentralized assets management

The protocol Connects investors to asset managers. Users can view the entire history and performance of an asset manager before investing their funds into pools. Also enabling;

- Transparency through peer-to-peer infrastructure

- Managing crypto portfolio

- Tracking balances

- Building On the Binance Smart Chain to enhance scalability

•Social Trading

With this feature, beginners would get the chance to follow footsteps of professionals as they can get access to professional traders. Traders are also able to;

- Gather leads and follow trading patterns of professional traders.

- Experience low-cost fees which setting up their accounts.

The Eight Pillars Of Octopus Protocol

• Unparalleled Access to real world Assets

• Non- Custodial

• Customized derivative contracts

• Affordable solution for decentralized derivatives

• Trustless Architecture

• Limitless design possibility

• Minimal Usage

• Governance

Octopus Protocol uses Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Blockchain network. It is one of the first projects that leverages BSC solution to build a synthetic assets protocol. Due to this unique advantage, it has attracted several leading investors including Master Ventures, Titans Ventures, DCI Capital, along with different technological partners.

Octopus Protocol Token (OPS)

$OPS tokens are the governance tokens for the Octopus Protocol. $OPS was designed to be utilised, and that is the goal of the $OPS distribution. In addition, the project to develop Octopus Protocol would fail if all $OPS holders simply held onto their $OPS and did nothing with it.

$OPS tokens serve as;

1. Governance

The $OPS tokens holders are allowed to make decisions that affect the future of the protocol in a democratic manner. Its said that the $OPS token governs the protocol.

2. Staking

Users can stake their $OPS tokens and earn rewards for committing their tokens.

3. Engagement

$OPS tokens are a means to internally access the Octopus system for engaging with its products and services.


Total supply- 150,000,000

Seed- 15,000,000

IDO- 3,000,000

PrivateA- 10,500,000

PrivateB- 12,000,000

Community- 1,500,000

Initial Liquidity- 7,500,000

Advisors and legal team- 7,500,000

Team- 15,000,000

Marketing- 15,000,000

Product Development- 22,500,000

Partnerships and expansion- 4,500,000

Bug bounty- 4,500,000

Staking reward and liquidity mining- 31,500,000

LARV — A stable Coin for the Octopus Protocol only

The word Larvae means baby Octopus. LARV has it’s own use case in the ecosystem as holders have greater leverages in trades on the decentralized derivatives exchange and also helps enable flexibility and convenience to traders. LARV is a stable coin and only used in the Octopus Protocol.

In Conclusion

Octopus is an open protocol to create, exchange, settle, and manage synthetic assets. And the Octopus Protocol is backed by a credible and physical team.

Website; https://octopus.exchange/

Blog; https://octopusprotocol.medium.com/




Crypto enthusiast, blockchain lover, article writer

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Crypto enthusiast, blockchain lover, article writer

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