InvArch Intellectual Property Ownership (IPO)

InvArch is popular known for turning Ideas and concepts into Digital assets. While Intellectual property owners are usually the people or companies like InvArch that create inventions, designs, or creative works. When owners take steps to protect their creations, they secure their exclusive rights to them.

Intellectual property tokens will be able to have their ownership divided among multiple addresses or owners. Intellectual property Ownership (IPO) is a form of fractional ownership over an IP Set. A finite and pre-set number of fungible IPOs may be assigned to a single intellectual property set.

InvArch provides Intellectual property protection to their community and allows people to benefit financially or earn recognition from what they create. When there’s a healthy balance between innovators’ and the public’s interests, the intellectual system fosters an environment in which creativity flourishes.

The ownership of created works will likely always be disputed on some level, but similar to its trade mark application, InvArch blockchain technology can be used to establish creators’ rights in an immutable ledger. The value of a single IPO will be determined by the total amount of the network’s native currency bonded to the IP Set, divided by the total number of IPO tokens.

More companies are realizing the importance of their intellectual property as assets. Intellectual Properties can help businesses hit their revenue targets and carve out a path for future services and products.

InvArch Blockchain can help with IP rights management and technology transfer and commercialization practices

InvArch Blockchain could be used by inventors looking to find potential investors while at the same time safeguarding their inventions. A ledger might consist of a short description of the character and goal of the invention, while those wishing to gain access to more information on how the invention works would then have to accept the provisions of a “smart contract”. Or blockchain could be utilized by patent holders wishing to find potential licensees for related know-how and trade secrets in addition to the patented invention.

Inventors might be interested in publishing their technological developments to preserve the novelty of the inventions and guarantee their freedom to operate. Thus, InvArch blockchain technology will be able to facilitate the management of IP rights. Publications under the InvArch. Blockchain environment might be used as evidence in intellectual property related law proceedings.

InvArch Blockchain for determining creatorship/Proof-of-Ownership

InvArch Blockchain technology can be used as a trusted platform for verifying the authenticity of ownership of Intellectual property works. A person wanting to get a patent over an invention can go to patent office to apply for a patent and secure his Intellectual property. However, in case of copyright because of the lack of any official documentation, the onus of proving ownership of a creative content lies with the creator. Exercising the copyright has become even more challenging in the era of internet, where anyone can download the content created such as a recorded song, a photograph, painting, etc. and can freely use it at will. The value of a single IPO is equal to the total number of tokens (Tn) divided by the number of fractionalized ownership (F).

InvArch Intellectual Property Advantages

With InvArch protecting your intellectual property provides significant benefits. These include:

•Increasing your ideas market value through income generation avenues that can include sales, commercialization, and licensing

•Transforming ideas into digital assets for profit

•Creating an image, video or diagram for your business that helps you market your products and services to customers

•Raising money for your business by using Intellectual property assets as debt collateral or when applying for government or public funding, as well as through sales and licensing

•Increasing your competitive advantage in the global market






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Crypto enthusiast, blockchain lover, article writer

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