InvArch is an Intellectual property Management & Development Protocol for Polkadot and InvArch is built with using Substrate. We can find a lot of information on various social networks about InvArch. In the last few weeks the InvArch project has transformed from little-known to the well recognized in the crypto space and marked as a reliable project on various services and in ratings.

It’s not surprising, that the high demand and appreciation from the crypto community was not long in coming. Since starting the idea itself and taking into account the steps taken by the team to implement it, the technical aspects and what role the project will eventually play in certain ecosystems and directions, we can safely say that InvArch ( ) project is a new breath for intellectual property on a global scale


Intellectual Property Files ( IPFs ) : These are Intellectual Property stored as non-fungible & authenticated files. These were previously referred to as IP Tokens; however, this change has been made to reflect a more fitting description of the data being minted. IP Files, as they will be known moving forward, are indexed and cross-referenced against other IPFs to ensure authenticity and/or detect plagiarism.

Intellectual property sets ( IPS ) : Collections of IP Files stored together in bonded sets. There is no change here, and IP Sets as they were known before stay the same.

Intellectual Property Tokens (IPTs): IP Tokens were originally referred to as the individual IP Files; however, this change has been made to reflect a more fitting description for the tokens that are pegged to an IPS. What was once known as IPOwnership tokens (IPO) is no more, and will instead be referenced as IPTs moving forward. Also, Fungible tokens featuring programmable utility that are pegged to an IP Set (IPS).

Intellectual Property Modules ( IPMs ) : A series of custom & interdependent Substrate Pallets that provide IP functionality to integrated Parachains. This is a fairly new term to become familiar with. IPMs will allow other Parachains to expand to include IP functionality; but more importantly, IPFs that are minted this way will have a record of their data sent through the Polkadot relay where they will be indexed and cross-referenced for authenticity.

InvArch Validation Standard ( IVS ) : A cross-chain standard for IP tokenization, ownership, utility, and authentication. IVS can be viewed as an L0 standard for verifying & protecting the uniqueness of all digital assets throughout web 3.0. Whether they are code modules, music files, Whitepapers, or even other NFTs, they can be minted as IPFs and have their data fingerprint indexed, cross-referenced, and protected forever.

InvArch has been working hard to implement a mechanism for SmartIP Contracts. To authenticate files (such as smart contracts) as tokenized IP and an IP Virtual Machine for running these smart contracts. In addition the InvArch Parachain. is going to provide functionality for IP tokenization, management, and utility. Also, Provide smart contract functionality in order to usher in a new breed of decentralized applications built on the InvArch protocol. And finally, provide a mechanism for detecting cross-chain plagiarism throughout the Polkadot ecosystem of Parachains by expanding IP minting functionality throughout the Parachain Universe under a common standard.

In conclusion, InvArch has made a strategic move towards the Polkadot ecosystem, and this step has not only given new features and functionality to the InvArch protocol itself, but will also bring important new things to the entire Polkadot ecosystem. The InvArch network is becoming more and more accepted by the cryptocurrency world. It has clearly seen that it has got the strong support from Web3 Foundation and Polkadot ecosystem.





Crypto enthusiast, blockchain lover, article writer

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Crypto enthusiast, blockchain lover, article writer

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