InvArch Weekly Updates

The InvArch weekly Updates contains important messages, advances, latest ideas and information concerning the protocol at large. This weekly Updates serve as a medium through with the entire blockchain community is aware of the important changes related to the InvArch protocol in one way or the other.

As the name implies, ‘InvArch Weekly Updates’ keeps users Updated on;

  • What is happening In the InvArch ecosystem
  • • Changes that might affect the previous protocol operations
  • • Upcoming community activities
  • • Breakdown of previous financial endeavours
  • • Partnership and collaborations
  • Technology (Updates covering technology)
  • InvArch is an IP management protocol built for the Polkadot ecosystem. InvArch will now be working on Polkadot as a Parachain. For our new updates also, InvArch will also be introducing a cross-chain IP Pallet Module in order to further develop the functionality of IP minting directly and throughout the entire Paraverse to establish a mechanism for cross-chain plagiarism detection.
  • This new parachain Integration is going to Provide functionality for IP tokenization, management, and utility. It would also Provide smart contract functionality in order to usher in a new breed of dApps built on the InvArch protocol. And lastly it would provide a mechanism for detecting cross-chain plagiarism throughout the Polkadot ecosystem of Parachains by expanding IP minting functionality throughout the Paraverse under a common pattern.
  • We would now provide IP tokenization, management, and utility and we could easily be seen as an attractive enough reason for other Parachains to adopt the InvArch IP Pallet Module, we thought we would take it a step further. The first 10 Parachains that integrate the InvArch IP Pallet Module will receive 1% of the VARCH token supply, each, for a total of 10% being given this way throughout the Paraverse. These tokens will be airdropped equally and directly among the wallet address of each integrated Parachain’s token holders.
  • As most know, InvArch will be taking a revolutionary approach towards integration. A total of 100,000,000 VARCH tokens (10% of the total supply) will be redirected (5% from ecosystem development | 5% from the protocol treasury) and allocated towards IP module integrations. Specifically, ten (10) individual one percent (1%) allocations are being reserved and used as a reward incentive for other Parachains that integrate the InvArch IP Pallet Module into their runtime
  • Updates on Finances

We have just little financial Updates as invArch protocol now redefining how the world views IP and ownership, InvArch has also gathered a $25m seed valuation. We would soon be announcing the big names who made this round possible. And those now part of this wonderful project. The team is waiting to hear back from two final funds that they have spoken with. After this time, final decisions will be made, and we will officially close the round and roll out the press releases & updates for our community.

InvArch Community Updates

We really do not have much to announce. Right now we’re glad that. our Twitter now has over 2.3k followers. The community has grown at an insane rate over the past 2 months, and the team at InvArch is ready to take things to the next level. And you’ll be happy to hear that we would be accepting new Ambassadors from 4th of December. Get ready as Ambassadors get the chance to work closely with the InvArch team.

Also the we’re pleased to reveal the newest member of the team, AJ Tobias. AJ will be joining InvArch as its Social Media Manager. AJ as our new social media manager would be leading the expansion of InvArch social media presence. InvArch is growing fast. And big thanks to the community and Ambassadors.





Crypto enthusiast, blockchain lover, article writer

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Crypto enthusiast, blockchain lover, article writer

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