InvArch Weekly Updates November 12 2021

The InvArch weekly Updates contains important messages, advances, latest ideas and information concerning the protocol at large. This weekly Updates serve as a medium through with the entire blockchain community is aware of the important changes related to the InvArch protocol in one way or the other.

As the name implies, ‘InvArch Weekly Updates’ keeps users Updated on;

  • What is happening In the InvArch ecosystem
  • • Changes that might affect the previous protocol operations
  • • Upcoming community activities
  • • Breakdown of previous financial endeavours
  • • Partnership and collaborations
  • And many other InvArch related activities.
  • InvArch Weekly Technology Updates
  • We cover new technological approaches or any set of productive techniques which offers a significant improvement (whether measured in terms of increased output or savings in costs) over the established technology for a given process in a specific historical context in the InvArch ecosystem.
  • To Foster growth and development, we’re now hiring any interested front-end devs and Web3 engineers interested in joining the wonderful InvArch team. You can now apply by sending your resume/CV to
  • Furthermore, we might be making some changes or applications really soon and some of those applications include social Intellectual property collaboration networks, enterprise Intellectual property management systems, decentralized & incentivized education platforms, and even an iDEX (a decentralized exchange for Intellectual property Ownership).
  • Keep in mind, that the team is still currently trying to rearrange the scope of the InvArch protocol. Although not all changes have been completely effected. But as time goes on, they would be some adjustments made on the InvArch Whitepaper and many more upgrades.
  • InvArch Weekly community Updates
  • The InvArch community is now growing fast and we now have over 8k members on discord and 2k members on twitter. Remember to follow social media pages. Also, as stated last week, once the discord community reaches 10k members, we would be giving opportunity for interested individuals to join our Ambassadors.
  • In addition, The Power of Ideas NFT giveaway event has come to an end. For this event, 5 exclusive NFTs were specially commissioned and crafted, all of which capture the essence and powers of ideas. The were 5 winners randomly chosen of over 500 entries over the period of two weeks and they are as follows;
  • First Winner #1: @Yunus_Leo1
  • View NFT won at:
  • Second Winner #2: @diamanterus
  • View NFT won at:

Third Winner #3: @criptogirl

View NFT won at:

Fourth Winner #4: @Marshal67982572

View NFT won at: 3

Fifth Winner #5: @shibatales

View NFT won at: 4

InvArch Weekly Finance Updates

We’re glad to announce that InvArch has raised $1.75 from the last seed funding round. It’s a really huge success and raising such a huge amount in such a short period is really great. Although the target was cut short so as to plan the upcoming strategic funding round properly.

Also, we know everyone is anxious to see our new list of partners. But not to worry, we would be releasing a full list of our partners latest by November 22, 2021. Remain excited and always check for more updates. InvArch is growing and getting everyday.

In Conclusion

To give you an opportunity to join the great InvArch ambassador. A form would be released once the discord community reaches 10k member. This is a big opportunity for our supporters out there to work directly with the reputable InvArch team. Also to our InvArch OGs,we didn’t mean to delay. Your shirt are on their way, as we ran into a few difficulties during International shipment.

Right now, things are getting serious and this week generally was a successful one for our technical and financial endeavours. Also the community is growing bigger and stronger. Let’s keep InvArch alive !





Crypto enthusiast, blockchain lover, article writer

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Crypto enthusiast, blockchain lover, article writer

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