A cryptocurrency is a digital currency in which people use as investments and for online purchases, its transactions are verified and records maintained by a decentralized system using cryptography, rather than by a centralized authority. Cryptocurrency is exchanged from person to person on the web without a middleman, like a bank or government.


Yes, investing in cryptocurrencies is very risky but there are tactics to overcome these risks. It’s never too late to get into cryptocurrencies because the range of cryptocurrencies adoption is increasing every day. The rate at which cryptocurrencies has been growing steadily over the past few years. are quite attractive and encouraging, The leading cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and Ethereum have shown their importance by consistently delivering good results. cryptocurrencies are also very easy to invest in and even students and people with low level of education invests in cryptocurrencies. Another reason why you should invest in cryptocurrencies is that the cryptocurrency space have a very bright future. Due to the adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, the traditional bank might later be irrelevant in the future. WHY?

  • investing in the right cryptocurrencies gives you multiple of your investments, compared to the very low level of interests traditional banks have to offer.
  • you are the manager of your account, cryptocurrencies are decentralized in such a way that you are the only one with the access to your account.
  • No restrictions, a cryptocurrency investor can decide to buy and sell any amount whenever he wants to.

The advancements in the field of crypto are taking new leaps every day. The crypto market is very diversified and someone who wants to invest in cryptocurrencies have over 2000 tokens to choose from. you can narrow down and choose from these cryptocurrencies after doing some research and findings.


In order to make maximum profits and be on a saver side, an investor needs to make thorough research before investing in a cryptocurrency.

There are thousands of cryptocurrencies out there and an investor can obviously not invest in all coins, To narrow down the list, Below are factors that should be taken into consideration before investing;

  1. The team; Ideally, there will be a blockchain project and a team building the project behind a cryptocurrency. It should be easy to find out who the team behind a cryptocurrency project is and what roles they play. Infact, this information should be prominently displayed on the website or searchable on sites like Linkedin. It’s necessary to confirm that the team are actually real people. If the names and faces are not adding up, that might be a bad sign.
  2. Social media accounts; A blockchain project must have a very active social media presence. the twitter account must be active, Telegram account must be alive and the followers should be real followers. A project must have a well designed website with detailed information about the project, team and more. A cryptocurrency without a strong social media account and community might not be too advisable to invest in.
  3. Tokenomics and token use case; Tokenomics is understanding the supply and demand characteristics of cryptocurrency. A token must have a nice total and circulating amount. The tokenomics for a particular crypto token is usually thoroughly discussed in the project whitepaper, and it should help you grasp the functionality, objective, allocation policy, and more of the crypto token. A potentially good coin must also have a very solid and real life usecase, This will ensure the continuos traffic and circulation of the token.
  4. WhitePaper; A whitepaper is a crucial document that a potential investor should read; it throws light on two major aspects of a crypto project its purpose and the technology behind it. Every coin has a “whitepaper” where all the information about it is stored. A whitepaper throws light on two major aspects of a crypto project — its purpose and the technology behind it. It contains historical performance and other data about cryptocurrency. A whitepaper also helps a coin differentiate itself from others. a whitepaper gives legitimacy and a professional outlook to a crypto project. An elaborate whitepaper is encouraging, a badly drafted one is repulsive. The whitepaper, basically, is a proposal that contains who, what, when, and why an investor should choose that project over others.


  1. The team; Sentinel has a public recognition. The team can be searched out on social media. Dan Edlebeck, is the CEO of Exidio, Sentinel Decentralized VPN. He first became involved in crypto while serving in the United States Peace Corps in Costa Rica in 2016. He began a personal journey discovering personal finance and understanding traditional markets and quickly went down the crypto rabbit hole. He have always been a follower and early adopter of emerging technology so it was a natural fit. Srinivas Baride is the CTO and Peter Mancuso is the COO. So judging by the team, Sentinel $DVPN is a good coin to invest in.
  2. Social Media accounts; Sentinel has a very active social media accounts. A very active twitter account with more than 26k real followers, not bad at all Apart from the official twitter account, $DVPN also have a lot of supporters on twitter. Sentinel also have a very active telegram chat with more than 6k members . Sentinel website is a very well design and professional interface which anyone can easily navigate and get details about the project,
  3. Tokenomics and Token use case; $DVPN is a token with $188,116,135 market cap. Sentinel $Dvpn has the total circulation supply of 4.9 billion token and the total supply of 10.6 billion token. which i think is pretty okay, $DVPN has a lot of usecases, it is a four utility token by Sentinel *
  • payment for DVPN subscription
  • Governance and staking
  • payment for advanced DVPN services
  • Work token.

The usecases of this token is really really cool, it has all the real life usecases a coin can ever have.

4. Whitepaper; Sentinel whitepaper can be easily found on the website. The whitepaper is quite handy and very detailed. It contains all the required information needed by anyone who wants to know the project, It’s also very well written and in layman terms.

Talking about coins to invest in, Sentinel $DVPN is one of the best gem to invest in long term. All the requirements are checked. Another reason why you should look into investing in $DVPN is because of it’s underlying project. The project is the first project decentralizing VPN, It offers users with maximum privacy when compared to other VPNs. In the long run, Sentinel DVPN might be adopted worldwide which will be huge gain for investors

Exchanges that support $DVPN:
Osmosis: (

Wallets that support $DVPN:

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⚡️Sentinel github:




Crypto enthusiast, blockchain lover, article writer

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Crypto enthusiast, blockchain lover, article writer

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