PolkaBridge 2021 Achievements and 2022 Vision

As PolkaBridge platform celebrates a successful year after launch, The PolkaBridge bridge platform also celebrates the success of the useful products launched on the platform such as Staking, Farming and The Polkabridge IDO launchpad.

During the same year, PolkaBridge acquired a Metaverse project, PolkaWar and most recently, released the much anticipated multichain AMM type decentralized exchange. In other words, the first year after PolkaBridge launch was a successful one and we’re aiming for more in 2022.

The PolkaBridge Launchpad And it’s Performance

The Launchpad product was beneficial in many was, as Investors were able to invest in promising projects at a very early stage. The Initial Coin Offering was evenly planned and distributed as every qualified individual was given a chance to participate and earn insane rewards and RIO.

Later during the year, Polkabridge started using curated Launchpads. These allow crowdfunding while making sure that everybody has fair access to it. In addition, PolkaBridge launched it’s own variant on April 09 and since then, PolkaBridge offered worthy projects on their platform to aspiring investors in a fair manner, which have done over 80X RIO and at least 2X RIO.

The PolkaBridge Staking/Farming Platform And it’s Performance

Here is another successful PolkaBridge product with great performance in the past year. In addition to this, the PBR tokens has gathered up to 13,275 holders, And PolkaBridge also launched single asset staking with over 50% APY and PBR-ETH farming with over 150% APY.

The success of this project is statistically proven and the rise the in the number of holders who have directly or indirectly used the PolkaBridge platform is open for everyone to see on Etherscan.

PolkaBridge MarketCap Rising above $100,000,000

On the 16th of November, 2021. PolkaBridge marketcap recorded a new all time high of $142 million. This is a a very tangible growth from the beginning of the year where the MarketCap was below $5M.

Listing on Kucoin Exchange

In the same year, we got listed on KuCoin, a major exchange alongside, presence on decentralized platforms.

PolkaBridge Launched a Multi-chain AMM decentralized exchange

The PolkaBridge AMM Multi-chain exchange was launched on the 16th of November, 2021. Abd regarding this, we got an audit done by Certik. It charges 0.2% fees per swap, 80% of which go to the liquidity providers (LPs) and the 20% are collected to buy and burn PBR tokens.

The platform supports both Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain. Although the team is working on expanding the number of assets and blockchains supported. Including introducing crosschain functionalities.

The plan for 2022

  • PolkaBridge is hoping to expand the functionality of our multi chain automated market maker (AMM) type decentralized exchange (DEX).
  • • PolkaBridge will be adding support for more blockchains such as HECO, Solana, Polygon and including cross chain swaps to serve as a liquidity bridge.
  • • PolkaBridge will be offering an Initial NFT Offering (INO) crowdfunding platform, the first of its kind.
  • • PolkaBridge will aiming for more Tier 1 exchange listings like on Huobi and Binance. As PolkaBridge is already listed on KuCoin.
  • In Conclusion, Happy new year to you all. A lot of developments coming to PolkaBridge this new year. Sit tight!

Website: www.PolkaBridge.com




Crypto enthusiast, blockchain lover, article writer

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Crypto enthusiast, blockchain lover, article writer

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