Polkabridge is a Multichain Decentralized platform. At the same time, Polkabridge is also a cross-chain platform. In other words, Polkabridge forms an entire ecosystem that supports Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Harmony and Solana. Polkabridge is the first of it’s kind, the first Decentralized bridge between Polkadot and other Blockchains.


The PBR token is the native token for Polkabridge. The PBR token has several main benefits enjoyed buy holders and first is rewards for farming — Like other DeFi platforms, there will be many pools for farming for PBR token holders and they will share 90% of the total transaction fees on PBR token and also Liquidity providers will earn an amount of PBR that corresponds to the total amount of liquidity that they added.

In Addition the PBR token serves as Governance token of the protocol as PBR holders have the right to vote to change some processes and features and also developmental roadmaps of the PolkaBridge ecosystem in the future.

Another advantage is the Lending fee as using PBR for fees to borrow on PolkaBridge Lending, the user will receive a 50% discount, and the remaining 50% will be burned to support the deflationary token mechanism.

Finally, the PolkaBridge Multi-chain Launchpad is a special use of the PBR token as PolkaBridge users need PBR token to participate in future projects on PolkaBridge Launchpad, a user must lock a certain amount of PBR to farm lottery tickets.

Polkabridge was built to serve as a solution for problems of Polkadot transacting with other Blockchains and apart from making it easy for Polkadot to interact with other Blockchains, Polkabridge provides several other benefits such as;

- Polkabridge Farming And Farming Rewards: Polkabridge enables you to earn passively through farming. For every transaction carried on PBR tokens, a transaction fee of 0.5% of the transaction amount is charged. And then, the charges are accumulated and shared among Polkabridge Farmers while the remaining 10% gets burned.

- Polkabridge Launchpad: The Polkabridge Launchpad platform is a way of supporting promising projects at their early stage and a medium by which PBR token holders participate in these projects in form of a Initial Decentralized Offering (IDO) Lauchpad platform. The IDOs on Polkabridge contains strictly good and fundamentally strong projects. Therefore PBR holders can invest confidently and get high yields.

  • Polkabridge Borrowing And Lending: Polkabridge enables users to easily lend assets . Users can now access capitals at certain interest rates.

❇️ Website: https://polkabridge.org
❇️ Farming https://farm.polkabridge.org
❇️ Staking https://stake.polkabridge.org
❇️ LaunchPad https://launchpad.polkabridge.org
❇️ Twitter: https://twitter.com/realpolkabridge
❇️ Medium: https://medium.com/@polkabridge
❇️ Github: https://github.com/cyclese96
❇️ Telegram Channel https://t.me/polkabridge
❇️ Telegram Group https://t.me/polkabridgegroup
❇️ Discord https://discord.gg/G3NDrcq6GW
❇️ Reddit https://www.reddit.com/r/polkabridge_official
❇️ CoinMarketcap https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/polkabridge
❇️ Coingecko https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/polkabridge




Crypto enthusiast, blockchain lover, article writer

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Crypto enthusiast, blockchain lover, article writer

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