PolkaBridge is a Polkadot based decentralized all-in-one financial application platform, which include cross-chain AMM, Farming, Lending, Fundraising platform (Launchpad), Prediction, NFT, and more.

Launchpads can also be called IDO[Initial DEX Offering] Platforms, they are platforms that are used to launch new cryptocurrencies and crypto projects, and raise liquidity. These are platforms that allow investors to buy into new cryptocurrency projects before the tokens are publicly released.

In the early stage of crypto, most new projects conducted their token sales directly on their website, distributing tokens to investors that buy their token at the early stage. The process was known as an initial coin offering (ICO), and investors would have to hold the token until the public sale on an exchange. After a while, a higher percentage of these IDOs turned out to be scams and the team would rugpull after investors already make payment for the token allocation. Investors were no longer confident investing in such projects. The underlying problem was that most new investors lacked the knowledge and expertise to analyze new crypto projects and thus were putting money into literally anything that looked flashy.

Meanwhile, There are experts who would take on the job of researching many new projects, This is the main reason behind the development of launchpads.

PolkaBridge will research many crypto projects and based on their findings, partner with the project to conduct a token sale on their exchange platform. The PolkaBridge launchpad was launched April 21 2021. This will allow $PBR token holders to participate in interesting concepts and high yielding crypto-projects in the early stage. This ensures high profit margins and a lucrative opportunity, which was previously available to only investors with high capital and resources.

Requirements for participating in PolkaBridge IDOs

For private pool

All interested participants in the PolkaBridge IDOs must note the following conditions in order to participate in private pools.

No need to whitelist or hold PBR in wallet, just join staking with conditions:

  1. Need to stake a minimum amount of 500 PBR
  2. Staking must be done at least 3 or 2 days before the sales date.
  3. If the maximum individual allocation for IDO is $500, then
  • Users staking less than 3000 PBR tokens, will have 300$ allocation
  • Users staking between 3000 PBR tokens and 5000 PBR tokens, will have 400$ allocation
  • Users Staking more than 5000 PBR tokens, will have 500$ allocation

For public pool

This does not require holding $PBR but holding $PBR will increase allocation per account. the whitelist mechanism will be used.

The users can increase their chances for the whitelist qualification by holding as many $PBR tokens as possible for a long period of time. For instance, a wallet holding 10,000 PBR tokens will have a higher probability of being whitelisted than a wallet carrying only 3,000 PBR tokens.

Only the users holding PBR tokens in a self-owned wallet are eligible for qualification. A self owned wallet is the one, for which you own and control the private keys. The PBR token holdings on exchanges won’t qualify and the tokens must be withdrawn to an external wallet. Also, the wallets holding ETH-PBR liquidity pool (LP) tokens aren’t eligible as liquid PBR tokens must be held for qualification.

Some of the projects that successfully held their IDOs on PolkaBridge are; Shoefy, DragonBite, Polkawar, Zenchain protocol, Beyond Finance.

Some of the upcoming IDOs om PolkaBridge are; cryptopunt, DeFi rating, ADASwap, Solclout, PeopleZ, Arcade Network.


PolkaBridge launchpad platform ensures that its users, investors invest in legit projects with good usecase and potential, Most of these IDOs held on PolkaBridge sold out in minutes and investors made multiples of their capital when the coin lists on exchanges.

Launchpad platform https://launchpad.polkabridge.org/

Website http://polkabridge.org/

Farming https://farm.polkabridge.org/

Telegram https://t.me/polkabridge

Twitter https://twitter.com/realpolkabridge




Crypto enthusiast, blockchain lover, article writer

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Crypto enthusiast, blockchain lover, article writer

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