PolkaWar is a Known cross-chain decentralized fighting game, PolkaWar integrates NFTs and competitive gaming aspects. PolkaWar creates a vivid fighting world for players to develop their characters and engage in combat with each other. There would be different weapons and equipment to arm one’s in-game character with.

The game would also involve a stat or points system, allowing for level upgrade and advancement conditions. Therefore, offering more customization and allowing for a highly unique / interactive game play. Though initially launched on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) for it’s low fees and fast processing times, it would be deployed on Polkadot and other blockchains in the future.

PolkaWar will have 3 types of characters including Warrior, Archer and Magician. Their weapon system includes: Sword, Big Knife, Bow & Arrow, Gun, Tessen, Scepter, Magic Vase and the equipment system would be: Armor, Helmet, Wing and Mount.

What Is PWAR Token?

The PWAR token is the native token of the PolkaWar project. The token and token holders are entitled to some exciting features. These include Staking, farming, play to earn and also Governance of the protocol, these benefits are;

Purchase and Renting Fee — as a fee for leasing out equipment on the marketplace

Play to earn — PWAR is given are rewards for playing the game

Farming and Staking Rewards — granted for staking in pools for more tokens and liquidity provision

Marketplace Fee — native token settling all trades on the marketplace

Governance — for participation in governance through token based voting mechanism

PolkaWar platform components include:

PolkaWar Realm — The decentralized NFT based competitive fighting game, creating a vivid world for players to compete in. It would offer different characters, equipment and weapons. Plus a levelling up mechanism and placed randomness to ensure unique game play. Two playing modes would be available — individual and arena.

PolkaWar NFT Marketplace — A marketplace for in-game items and equipment, represented through NFTs, which users would be able to trade. It would allow players to monetize their hours spent playing the game by selling their upgraded merchandise. Users can also earn by leasing their equipment on the marketplace and collecting a piece of the action.

PokaWar Logistics — Offering NFT conversion service and delivery service, the PolkaWar logistics will allow players to redeem NFTs for real world replicas, which would then be sent to any address of their liking, anywhere in the world. This promises a novel and extremely useful function for the rising NFT subfield.

Website https://polkawar.com

✅ MVP https://game.polkawar.com

✅ Telegram https://t.me/polkawar

✅ Telegram discussion https://t.me/polkawarchat

✅ Twitter https://twitter.com/polkawarnft

✅ Github https://github.com/polkawar

✅ Medium https://medium.com/@polkawar

✅ Whitepaper https://polkawar.com/docs/whitepaper.pdf




Crypto enthusiast, blockchain lover, article writer

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Crypto enthusiast, blockchain lover, article writer

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