PolkaWar Is Preparing For A March 2022 Launch

Polkawar is a decentralized fighting game platform on the blockchain network. Inspired by the NFT subfield, Polkawar will create a vivid fighting game world. Players will build character systems with weapons and equipment with different levels, to engage in combat with other players; participate in quests in the game as well as buy and sell items in the marketplace.

PolkaWar planned to release an NFT based fighting game right around this time and we even released a concept minimum viable product back in Jun 2021. We have built a great community and seen high appreciation in the value of PWAR token. However, we have some news and it’s important that we discuss it in detail.

Currently there are not too many outstanding projects and making a difference in the NFT sector. The current statistics show that less than 20% projects are related to gaming with most projects having mere concepts and no working products. Polkawar realized that the NFTs combined with gaming will be the catalyst required for mainstream adoption and will contribute to the development of the general nascent NFT market, in the coming years. We create a completely different game platform, a game with high real combat, not just as simple as other NFT gaming.

At PolkaWar, we believe in a “measure twice and cut once” approach. It means that we would rather get things done right and with sophistication than take any half hearted approach and release products for the sake of it.

Hence for this reason, we are announcing that we are focusing currently on making the PolkaWar game perfect than release it outright with shortcomings and a less than 100% gameplay. But the wait isn’t going to be long and we are planning to release a functioning version of the PolkaWar game by March 2022. At this point, we will continue testing and refining the beta testnet internally.

In addition, the game model of PolkaWar is a fighting game, and players will earn money if they win the match. Before entering the match, the player will bet his PWAR number with another player, if the side wins, he will receive the entire PWAR . In addition, you will gain experience points. In addition, players can also do quests to earn more items, participate in FlashSale programs, auction… to earn PWAR tokens. Also users can upgrade items, get higher levels, and resell them to other players.

Also, PolkaWar Logictis system allows players to directly own their NFT items in the real world. All NFT items on the market can be converted to physical items. Example: You have a sword (NFT item) level 1 and you want to own that sword at your home. You just need to send the request to the PolkaWar Logistics system. PolkaWar team will process and deliver it to you at the required address.

In conclusion, We are already almost halfway past Jan 2022 and will continue to work towards a better future for the project by launching in 2 months. The market conditions are likely to be more favourable by then also. Please bear with us for a little more time.

Website: polkawar.com




Crypto enthusiast, blockchain lover, article writer

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Crypto enthusiast, blockchain lover, article writer

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