Sentinel is a cosmos based network that hosts open-source distributed and decentralized applications that provide users with assurance that, their communication is not being stored, and that not even the creator of the application can view any of their data.

Sentinel supports base layer dVPN protocol that is open-source and private by default. Exidio is an organization building custom applications on the Sentinel dVPN protocol. By encouraging developers to build decentralized applications (dApps) on Sentinel, Exidio supports Sentinel’s decentralized privacy mission while stewarding developers who build on top of the Sentinel protocol. Together, Sentinel and Exidio represent a paradigm shift for establishing provable privacy in dApps built for Web 3.0, the decentralized web.

$DVPN is the major token in the sentinel ecosystem and one of the top tokens in the cosmos ecosystem. $DVPN is a four utility token

  • payment for DVPN subscription
  • Governance and staking
  • payment for advanced DVPN services
  • Work token.

Sentinel $dvpn has been trading on Ascendex, Osmosis, MEXC and Hotbit with $188,116,135 market cap. Sentinel $Dvpn has the total circulation supply of 4.9 billion token and the total supply of 10.6 billion token.

Sentinel $DVPN was newly listed on kucoin on 27th September 2021 with trading Pair: DVPN/USDT, Withdrawal was also initiated on 28 September 2021.

why list on kucoin?

KuCoin is a Singapore-based exchange that was originally launched in Hong Kong in 2017, KuCoin is one of the top crytocurrency exchange with more than 6 million users. KuCoin provides the most advanced level of security for its users and nearly over 400 cryptocurrencies. KuCoin is known to provide it’s users with number of trading options such as spot trading, margin, futures, P2P, lending and staking. It also have user friendly and have easy to use interface. Another reason for choosing KuCoin is that the trading fees on KuCoin are extremely low (0.1%) and this trading fees can also be reduced to 0.08% if you trading a pair with their own token (KCS coin). Sentinel chose KuCoin in order to provide it users with different trading options offered by KuCoin, such as spot trading, margin, futures, P2P, lending and staking.


To appreciate it users, Sentinel is currently given out through KuCoin listing campaign. a sum of $50 000 worth of $DVPN will be given out during the course of the campaign. The campaign started on September 27 and will be ending on October 4.

There are 3 categories in the listing campaign that users can win from

Category 1; Net Deposit Competition

Users will be able to win a share of $10,000 worth of $DVPN. this category is a first come, first serve category. The first 200 users who have a net deposit volume of 3000 $DVPN [that is the difference between the total deposit and total withdrawal of $DVPN within the campaign period is up to $3000 above] will be eligible for this reward and will have a share in $10 000 worth of $DVPN. The top 1 to 100 winners with the highest net volume of $DVPN will earn $60 worth of $DVPN each while the 100 to 200 winners will earn $40 worth of $DVPN each.

Category 2; Net Buying Competition

This category is for users who have a net buying volume (buys — sells — withdrawals) of 20,000 DVPN and above on KuCoin during the campaign period. The top 30 with net buying volume of 20,000 $DVPN will be selected and will win a share of a $25,000 in DVPN prize pool.

Below is how the reward will be distributed within the 30 winners of this category.

  • $1,800 worth of $DVPN for the first position
  • $1,300 worth of $DVPN for the second position
  • $1000 worth of $DVPN for the third position
  • $700 worth of $DVPN for the forth to tenth position
  • $600 worth of $DVPN for the eleventh to twentieth position
  • $500 worth of $DVPN for the twenty-one to thirtieth position
  • for other qualifiers who do not fall under the first 30, a pool of $5,000 worth of $DVPN will be shared between them according to their net buying volume i.e each qualifier net buying volume apart from first 30 divided by the total net volume of all the qualifiers other than the top 30 winners *$5000 worth of $DVPN

Category 3; Lucky Pool With Low Threshold

A lucky draw will be made by KuCoin for users who have a trading volume that reaches 3,000 DVPN or more and add the DVPN/USDT trading pair to their Favorites List. 300 of these users will be selected at random and they will share a pool of $15,000 worth of $DVPN.

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Crypto enthusiast, blockchain lover, article writer

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