The InvArch weekly Updates.

The InvArch weekly Updates contains important messages, advances, latest ideas and information concerning the protocol and it’s entire ecosystem at large. This weekly Updates serve as a medium through with the entire blockchain community is aware of the important changes related to the InvArch protocol in one way or the other. We always keep you informed.

As the name implies, ‘InvArch Weekly Updates’ keeps users Updated on;

  • What is happening In the InvArch ecosystem
  • • Changes that might affect the previous protocol operations
  • • Upcoming community activities
  • • Breakdown of previous financial endeavours
  • • Partnership and collaboration
  • • Notable changes in the protocol
  • InvArch Technology Updates
  • InvArch uses application of knowledge for practical purposes and focuses on. the technological development of the InvArch. protocol. The first announcement is that, we’re welcoming Marvin Tong as the project’s Strategic Advisor. Marvin Tong is a blockchain legend and a true pioneer in the Polkadot ecosystem. This is the Co-Founder of Phala Network, Marvin Tong brings first-hand experience building a major and highly successful protocol. We look forward to gaining wisdom, support and advice.
  • It’s good you also know that we’re now going focusing properly on the InvArch develpment and the InvArch EVM smart contract functionality is almost complete at which point, basic functionality for minting intellectual property and launching Solidity-based smart contracts that can utilize this data will be possible. The good thing about being built using Substrate is that not only is InvArch about to have full EVM functionality and capabilities, but that through a forkless runtime upgrade in the future.
  • And lastly, InvArch will also be introducing WASM-based smart contracts. This is good news. Expect more.
  • InvArch Community Updates
  • To all our lovers. We want to apologise for the delay with the OG shirts we encountered some obstacles with the shipping process. We’re currently working on delivery the shirts to you as soon as possible and we also be shipping out shirts directly to supports in the Western hemisphere. Expect a full update next week, and everyone from the team would like to express their sincere apologies for the delay. Your shirts are on their way.
  • For our Social media manager role. We have found the right person for the Job. And this shows the team is not only working but also growing. No announcements yet. As we would be announcing the new member of the team by the upcoming week.
  • As previously announced, we promised to give an opportunity for new members to join our current Ambassadors. Also, Senior Ambassadors had their first Ambassador meeting with some of the team members. Ways to improve the ambassador program and make it even better for the members of the program, and a lot of awesome ideas were shared in this meeting. This new method would be implemented in the coming weeks. Stay up-to-date with InvArch.

InvArch Financial Updates

We just completed a successful seed funding round and from this round $1.7M was raised. And this was confirmed by DOTMARKETCAP. Apart from this big news, InvArch would also be welcoming new partners and a formal list of new partners would be passed across to the community really soon.

Also, concerning the seed funding round, the team is still having some additional talks before deciding completely the partners of this current round.

In conclusion, it’s been made obvious that the InvArch ecosystem is growing in all aspects mentioned which are financial, technical and community wise. As we’re growing we would also be accepting new Ambassadors really soon. And also, the announcement for the new partners would also be made soon. Remember to join our social media community and follow our new updates to stay informed on the happenings in the InvArch ecosystem. Thank you.





Crypto enthusiast, blockchain lover, article writer

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Crypto enthusiast, blockchain lover, article writer

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