Upcoming IDO on PolkaBridge

PolkaBridge Launchpad-based Initial Decentralized Offerings (IDOs) will be following new rules, already effective. Hence, the new tire system is contained below;


Upcoming IDO on PolkaBridge: Graviton Zero ( 21st Dec )

Graviton Zero is a Play to Earn Star Citizen Eve Online inspired next gen Sci-Fi MMORPG METAVERSE that will enable players to actually own in game Assets, Ships and Land all verified on the blockchain. Players will be able to trade/fight/explore in a fully decentralized universe with immersive and groundbreaking gameplay. Ecosystem to be fully player run, with player trade missions and bounties

Graviton Zero aims to build a long-term, stable, constantly evolving game environment and token economy. Our endgame is the creation of a multi-blockchain, Sci-Fi Play to Earn NFT Metaverse. With player owned assets and land without boundaries or borders, where developers, investors and players can all contribute together towards the creation of additional layers, features, modes and content. Explore the endless opportunities of human imagination.

Website https://gravitonzero.com/

Twitter https://twitter.com/GravitonZero

Telegram https://t.me/GravitonZero

Launchpad launchpad.polkabridge.org/#/launchpads/view/GRAV-PBR/24

IDO on PolkaBridge: Battle Saga ( 22nd Dec )

Battle Saga is a decentralized and innovative DAO gaming platform. Players can build their base camps, train troops and crush their opponents.

Battle Saga is also a ‘Clash of Clan’ inspired next generation strategic game that enables users to Earn-Without-Playing. It is a futuristic decentralized NFT game that aspires to provide groundbreaking gaming experiences to its users with De-Fi tools, DAO governance and above all, with its own metaverse.

Battle Saga offers various types of NFTs, enabling players to own the game items that they play. The main NFT for Battle Saga is its hero NFTs. The hero NFTs come in various forms, shapes and rarity. This hero NFTS has the ability to train other heroes, enabling players to create new hero NFTs and sell them in the marketplace. Players will also have the option of changing the hero’s weapon with the weapon skin NFTs with different rarities. The base camp itself is NFT of its own and can be sold in the market. Players can sell the base camp with all the other NFTs as one package in the marketplace, including different types of buildings and towers skin NFTs, which also differ in rarity. The next type of NFTs are the troops without rarity traits. They can be donated or be sold as NFTs in the marketplace.

Website. https://www.battlesaga.io

Twitter https://twitter.com/BattleSagaio

Telegram https://t.me/BattleSaga_Official

Tokenomics https://docsend.com/view/s/xyywe48d3aarig5b

Launchpad https://launchpad.polkabridge.org/#/launchpads/view/BTL-PBR/25




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Crypto enthusiast, blockchain lover, article writer

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