Zoidpay, making online shopping easier

The presence of internet access has made it easy for individuals and businesses to sell and buy products without geographic limitation. The pandemic pushed many consumers to change their shopping habit; how they buy essential items, electronics, and clothing, has helped to reshape the future of online shopping and forced businesses to evolve to meet new needs and demands. The traditional marketplace, stores and show rooms have been altered drastically during the pandemic, Even some of these traditional stores starts getting involved in online business bit by bit. Data shows that $2.67 trillion was spent at online marketplaces in 2020 alone and 62.5% of all global online spending occurred via digital marketplaces in 2020.

The future of these online shopping depends on how easy it is for the users and sellers, been able to shop without the need to go extra miles is what will make a customer stick to an online retailer.

Zoidpay has a way of making transactions easy for individuals and firms by providing a blockchain payment solution.

Yes, there are so many platforms and various easy ways to make transactions out there, both traditional and online stores but what makes Zoidpay different?

The unique feature offered by Zoidpay is that users can shop even with their digital assets like $btc, $eth $Zpay and some other basic coins, more coins will be added with time. Users can trade directly using their digital assets either by using the Zoidpay application wallet or chrome extension. There are several advantages with shopping with $zpay token;

  1. Higher cashback rate when purchasing with ZPAY
  2. Higher influence on the PI (Purchase Index) of a Shopping Pool
  3. Raffles at the end of the purchase that will reward the shopper with different prizes such as — staking boosts / NFT’s / deals and discounts / etc

The Zoidpay chrome extension is in Beta right now, once its launched, users can enjoy all the qualities that comes with it.

Some other products zoidpay offers apart from Zoidpay wallet and chrome extension are Zoidpay marketplace, Zoidpay crypto card,

Download wallet for ios; https://apps.apple.com/iq/app/zoidpay/id1547550970

Download wallet for android; https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.zoidpay.zoidpaywallet&hl=en&gl=US

visit website; https://zoidpay.com/




Crypto enthusiast, blockchain lover, article writer

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Crypto enthusiast, blockchain lover, article writer

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